our advantages


Specializing in European brands

By selecting only a handfull of brands to work on we are minimizing time required to diagnose and fix the problem as well as limiting a chanCe for error.



We utilizing latest OEM and aftermarket testing equipment including online coding and calibration. Most non-dealer facilities are limited to working on drivetrain computers, that is engine and transmission. We are not limited since we are using dealer level equipment.


Electronis and computers

Our technician have strong background in general electronics and moderm computers also reffered to a modules. These skills give us a unique ability to troubleshoot problems and reprogram module others can't even touch

mission & vision

Highest quality service

Everyday we strive to improve our service as advisors, mechanics and service man, we value any advice you can gives in improving our commitment to you.

Customer satisfaction

At every step of the repair process we will provide the exact description of the problem your vehicle has and suggested course of repair.

Affordable service

While we don't in general install cheap after market products and limit our inventory to OEM and OES approved products we are always very competitive to dealer pricing and typically come at 80% price of dealer equivelent service.

Growing the business

Us time goes on and we gain more customers we would like to grow to a dealership size repair facility that performce all types of auto service such as body work, electronics programming, tire replacement and transmission remanufacturing.